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  • Unlimited access to EcoCyc (Escherichia coli K-12) and MetaCyc (metabolic encyclopedia for all domains of life) extending beyond BioCyc FREE trial
  • Create and store SmartTables of genes, metabolites, etc
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    • Share them with colleagues
  • Run and store metabolic models
  • Store organism sets for comparative operations
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A BioCyc subscription provides unlimited access to all BioCyc databases and tools, and full database download access.

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What does my individual subscription include?
An individual subscription provides unlimited, unrestricted access to all 20,000+ databases within the BioCyc.org web portal for one person for one year, as well as to downloadable versions of the BioCyc databases.

An academic institutional BioCyc subscription covers access for all faculty, staff, and students at your institution, and also includes off-campus access through any proxy IP addresses. A corporate institutional BioCyc subscription covers access for all employees at your company. Users accessing BioCyc via an institutional subscription should still create and log in to their own personal free accounts.

I only use MetaCyc or EcoCyc. Will I need a subscription for access?
No, you do not currently need a subscription to access these resources. You should still create a free account though.
If my institution already has a subscription, why do I need to create an account?
Accounts are separate from subscriptions. Your institutional subscription gives you access to all 20,000+ databases in BioCyc. Accounts are free, give you access to advanced site functionality such as SmartTables, and help us better manage the site. Thus, even if your institution has a subscription, we ask that you create and log in to your account.
How can I find out if my academic institution has a subscription?
See the current list of academic institutional subscribers.
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